McCall’s Funeral Home and Cremation Services

McCall’s Funeral Home and Cremation Services

Located in Victoria, BC

4665 Falaise Dr, Victoria, BC

1, 1315 Cook St, Victoria, BC

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Located in Victoria, BC

While no one wants to consider the inevitable, pre-planning the details of your cremation or burial is one of the most thoughtful things you can do for your loved ones. The responsibility of making many difficult decisions during an already stressful time is alleviated with careful consideration and advance planning. It also offers the assurance and peace of mind that your wishes are known and will be carried out.

During our lives we plan for many situations; education, having a family, vacations, weddings and especially our retirement. However, many neglect to plan their end of life arrangements as it is a realization of our own mortality. We purchase insurance to help us in situations that may happen, such as accidents, earthquakes, fire, floods and theft.

We should also consider the pre-planning of our end of life services as it not only lets our survivors know what our wishes are, but it can also avoid financial hardship. For helpful advice download our " To relieve surviving family members from the burden of making decisions under times of grief and stress. Having an opportunity to discuss options with our staff and with your family, church, friends, etc.

Eliminate financial stress on your family in the future. You can select the services and merchandise according to your wishes, spiritual beliefs and budget. Pre-planning can be as detailed or as simple as you choose. We will create a record of personal information that is required for Vital Statistics. This consists of your full name, address, spouse"s name, occupation, birth date, birthplace, social insurance number, care card number, parent"s names and their birthplaces and your executor"s name and contact information.

We will discuss and document whether you would like to be buried, cremated, entombed, or forwarded to another city or country. We will also provide choices around how you wish to be honoured such as a Traditional Funeral, Celebration of Life, Memorial Service, Graveside Service, or a Cremation without Ceremony. You may also select a burial or cremation casket, urn, casket or urn vault, music, catering menus, flowers, venue, monument or memorial marker.

You may wish to pre-pay for your services. If the plan is paid in full or via monthly payments our services and products will be guaranteed at today"s cost. For example, if the death occurs twenty years later additional money will not be owed at the time of death. You may also make all arrangements in advance and wait to pay when the death occurs.

The McCall family and staff have been serving Greater Victoria since 1921, providing compassionate care and unparalleled service to more than 80,000 families. We offer two convenient locations throughout Greater Victoria. Our beautiful facilities were designed to provide a sense of warmth, peace, serenity and closure. If you prefer to make arrangements in your own home we will come to your residence at a time convenient for you.

Our caring professionals will listen, suggest, organize, and carry out ceremonies that are comforting and full of meaning. The Sequoia Centre at McCall Gardens has been the setting for countless gatherings where friends and family have laughed, cried, reminisced and started the healing process together. We offer customized catering services for any size group, from simple deli delights to hot hors d"oeuvres.

If you wish to have bar service or a special toast, our catering company is licensed to accommodate all requests. We have carefully chosen each member of our staff to ensure that our families receive the most professional, compassionate care.

McCall’s Funeral Home and Cremation Services McCall’s Funeral Home and Cremation Services 4665 Falaise Dr, Victoria, BC 250 385 4465 Send flowers
McCall’s Funeral Home and Cremation Services McCall’s Funeral Home and Cremation Services 1, 1315 Cook St, Victoria, BC 250 385 4465 Send flowers

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