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Located in Riverview, NB

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Located in Riverview, NB

When we face the loss of a loved one, we feel lost and alone no matter how many family members and friends are with us. We can’t seem to focus on anything for very long, and it all seems unreal. There is an overwhelming sense of not knowing what to do next. We know there are decisions to be made, but any decision seems more than we can possibly face.

There is a sense of fear that we will not remember everything, or we will do it all wrong. A pre arrangement is the planning of funeral services before the need arises. Our funeral directors would be happy to take the time to meet with you to discuss what services would best suit the needs of you and your family. It is very important to spend the time you require to talk about different options, and for you to ask all the questions you feel you need answered.

The first rule in funeral planning is “There Are No Rules…..” If a song has meaning to the family or the person it should be sung. If there are special people who can share meaningful thoughts and insights into the life of the person, they should be heard. All these details can be recorded by the funeral director, and many other details such as type of service desired, casket selection, final resting place, information regarding your obituary (especially important as your next of kin may not know all the particulars needed), or perhaps you may want to write your own obituary.

There would be no safer place for it to be than in a pre arrange file registered with the funeral home. Upon completion of your pre arrangement you will receive copies of all the arrangements recorded, and as time goes by you can make changes to these arrangements at any time. By doing so, things are kept up to date and at the time of death, things will not be mistakenly overlooked.

No, You do not have to pay if you choose not to. Some people choose not to pay at the time of the pre arrangement because they have ample life insurance to cover the cost of the funeral at the time of death. However there are benefits to pre-paying your services such as: Provides peace of mind that you are not leaving any expenses to your family members.

The advantages of funeral planning make sense. Please call for an appointment to meet with one of our funeral directors to discuss what arrangements would be best for you.

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