What to do in case of a death abroad ?

What to do in case of a death abroad ?
The journey is, for the majority of us, synonymous with pleasure and discovery, but for some, it recalls a drama that changed their life. The death of a loved one abroad is even more difficult to admit and treat than that which occurs at home, even if the emotions of grief are similar in the long run. In his own environment, rules and resources are known, but what happens elsewhere?

If you ever had the misfortune of losing a family member during your stay abroad or if the person accompanying you on your trip died, here are some tips that will help you better manage this tragic situation.

Traveller’s insurance

Before leaving, check your insurance documents to see if there is a limit to the expenses covered in case of death. You should also get a phone number to call in the event of a claim following a death. Keep proof of insurance and this valuable phone number on you in case your baggage is lost along the way.

When the deceased had taken the precaution of taking out travel insurance, it will be necessary to deal with the coroner of the country visited to claim the body that will be embalmed, placed in a special casket and repatriated at the expense of insurance. If you were traveling with the person, you will probably have to approach your embassy consulate. Do not worry, the local authorities and your insurance company will clearly indicate how to proceed. 

The deceased person was not insured 

A known health condition and the costs associated with certain categories of people can radically restrict the ability to take out a travel insurance policy. If a loved one died during their stay abroad, you have the possibility to join Echovita, who will take care of cremation directly on the spot, almost everywhere in the world. The ashes will then be repatriated by a specialized international firm. You will need to meet with an accredited Echovita Ambassador to sign the required documents and confirm all procedures that will be taken care of, from the coroner’s examination to the steps with the embassy or consulate of the deceased’s country of origin, through the respect of the requirements of the airline. 

Ask about the last visit 

If an unexpected death occurs, loved ones will probably have the urge and desire to see this dear person one last time before cremation. Make sure you know before you fly, as this tour is possible in some countries, but is prohibited in others. Restrictions may also be imposed depending on the state of the body or the presence of a highly contagious disease.

A pre-arrangement with travel insurance, a good alternative 

When you do not want to pay for travel insurance because of your age or health condition, there is another way to keep your family safe in the event of death abroad: a funeral pre-arrangement with travel insurance. Repatriation of the body from any country in the world will be covered by the insurance company that finances and guarantees the pre-arrangement. In addition, if the funeral expenses are paid in advance, your family will not have to worry about the financial aspect in addition to their grief. 

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