The importance of saying "I love you" during COVID-19

The importance of saying "I love you" during COVID-19
Stay at home. Respect social distancing measures. Containment was fine at first, but the longer it takes, the more difficult it becomes for everyone, even for those who love solitude. We are becoming aware of the importance of warm contact. The hugs and kisses to say hello or goodbye, pats on the back, conversations around the table... It was normal. Of course, nothing can really replace these physical connections. Saying “I love you” more often and more intensely can still have very positive effects.

Discover 3 reasons to say “I love you” during the pandemic

1 - Saying “I love you” increases the immune system

Recent studies have shown that those who often say "I love you" have higher immunity than those who do not express their feelings. Love and affection, like all positive emotions, activate the immune system.

Protect yourself from the severity of the virus!

Say “I love you” whenever you speak to someone who has a place in your heart. It has the same effect in person as it does over the phone.

2 - Recreate a sense of security despite the uncertainty

Since we have no control over the situation, we all need reassuring benchmarks more than ever.

Saying “I love you” elicits a response.

A response that is good for the soul, that comforts us and brings us to the safe field of our long-term relationships.

3 - Create a relaxed atmosphere during quarantine

Imagine the effect you will produce when you say with intensity and without special reason, “I love you” to:

  • your spouse roaming like a caged lion
  • to your child who grumbles because they can’t go out
  • to your sibling who complains all the time

Do you see their smile and their change of state when doing so?

It’s enough to find the harmony that has been put to the test by all the constraints that we must impose on ourselves.

Little words with big impact

Throughout our lives, we will remember the 2020 pandemic and containment. These unexpected "I love you(s)" will transform this experience by creating sweet moments to remember for a long time.

The situation invites us to change our habits and get out of our reserve.

Say "I love you" like never before.

Go for it! You will be surprised with the results!

And you? Do you have something to say about this?

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