The benefits of using a DNA service

The benefits of using a DNA service

If you’re not familiar with biology, DNA is a molecule in our cells that carry genetic information; imagine a chip that stores everything about you; DNA is pretty close to that. And while there are differing opinions on the subject, DNA services carry out a form of medical test that can help you find out about your ancestry and family heritage. It also helps to recognize alterations in chromosomes and genes. Let’s delve into the work of DNA testing!

How does DNA testing work?

DNA testing is quite simple. Most DNA services only require a saliva sample and that’s enough to carry out their tests. You will be asked to do a simple cheek swab and then send the sample back to the DNA testing service and you can get back your results in a number of weeks. Some services also allow you to speak with a genetic counselor who can help you interpret the results and give you advice on any lifestyle changes that may be necessary.

Why you should consider using a DNA service

You may want to consider using a DNA service when it comes to your family history. Would you like to know where your ancestors originated from, ethnicity or culture? In these cases, you will definitely find a DNA service, like, very useful.

Understanding your lineage and ethnicity

Many DNA services allow you see your maternal and paternal lineage and an analysis of your heritage from across the world, which is something that you might find extremely valuable if you want to build a family tree or genealogical record.

Do you have any biological relatives that you were previously unaware of? Have ever wondered if you are related to any historical figure? by comparing your sample with a database reference of DNA sets from around the world and find a match to yours. You may also be able to create a family tree online and they can help you reach out to individuals you share DNA with but may not be in contact with. This may be particularly helpful if you were adopted as a child and may want to find out who your biological parents were or for parents who want to reach out to their children that they gave up for adoption.

Information about genetic disorders and diseases

DNA services also help in cases of genetic disorders. Some people may have symptoms that have been hitherto unexplainable and then find out that those symptoms are actually consistent with a rare genetic disorder that the doctors never thought to check for. DNA services show if you are predisposed to particular illnesses because of your parentage, that way you can take appropriate steps. Some people aren’t aware of their predisposition to obesity or diabetes and may only become so after DNA testing.

Parents may also want to get more information about the genes of their children and test for genetic diseases that may show up later in life. This will prevent the child from suffering without cause as DNA may be the cause when a diagnosis is only made later in life.

Taking a DNA test could also help you become aware of any genetic diseases that manifest later in old age. Many individuals carry genes for certain diseases that only show up in old age – like Dementia or Parkinson’s, without being aware of it, even though they may lead healthy lives as children and young adults. But having DNA testing done means that you can find out about that and then take the right preventive steps now.

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