Why plant trees with Echovita ?

Why plant trees with Echovita ?
Echovita is working hard to go green. Reducing our environmental footprint is part of our values and commitment. Our technology company is proud to offer, among other choices, the planting of trees in memory of the deceased. Those who visit our website to find out about who died in their city can choose to have trees planted in honor of a deceased person. This is a new and original way to make a gesture of sympathy without consuming goods that will, sooner or later, become part of the waste of a society that is greatly affecting our planet's ecosystem.


Several researchers, both in Canada and the United States, have developed ways to measure the environmental impact of human activities. The calculation compares productivity-related consumption with the surface area required to assimilate the CO2 released into the atmosphere. A single person’s activity generates an average of 2.7 gha each year when the planet can absorb only 1.8 gha per year. Note that the unit ‘’gha’’ represents the global hectare of the earth’s biocapacity to neutralize CO2 and other pollutants. 

This means that the normal activity of each human generates more pollution than the planet can eliminate.


Trees are a strategic factor to help our planet restore its balance. Combined with eco-responsible living habits, young trees provide many benefits in addition to sequestering between 10 and 40 kg of carbon per year, depending on their species. In cities, their impact is even greater and can reach 90 kg per year.

In addition to participating in the sequestration of CO2, one of the main greenhouse gases, trees have multiple functions:

  • Soil stabilization
  • Water purification
  • Absorption of CO2
  • Oxygen production
  • CO2 sequestration maintained by the use of wood in construction
  • Help reduce the urban heat island effect
  • Creation of natural habitats that promote biodiversity
  • Landscape improvement
  • Benefits to the physical and mental health of people who can enjoy the presence of forest cover

The impact of forest regeneration

Reforestation after a cut, a fire, or simply to replace dead trees in a forest, creates a significant impact. Growing trees sequester more CO2 than mature trees. In addition, removing dead trees, stopping mosquito invasions and preventing forest fires are actions that prevent trees from releasing into the atmosphere the carbon they have sequestered during their growth. An excellent reason to encourage silvicultural efforts and to participate in the reforestation of natural forests!

’’Forests are able to store from 20 to 100 times more carbon per unit area than croplands. Therefore, they can play a crucial role in regulating the level of atmospheric carbon’’, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. http://www.fao.org/home/en/ 

It’s easy to see that planting one tree is good, but planting many is much better! Echovita offers the opportunity to plant lots of 10 trees and, in exchange, get an official certificate that can be sent to the grieving family. A gift that will certainly be appreciated, as everyone is concerned about global warming, a consequence of the emission of greenhouse gases, including CO2.

Knowing how to fight against what puts life on the line is not always easy. Planting trees is part of the solution.

A role to play

The simple fact of proposing to plant trees to people who wish to show their solidarity with grieving families has made it possible, since August 1st, 2019, in collaboration with our partner, Blooms Today, to plant more than 37,000 trees. This shows just how much your commitment can make a difference in preserving life on our planet.

Be part of the movement! It’s worth it.

Through an awareness message on your favorite social network, you could form a group to plant 100 trees in honor of a loved one. It represents just a few clicks, and a very reasonable amount of money per person, and for 100 years, the new trees will gradually erase the carbon footprint left by a loved one while leaving a living memory for generations to come.

What if you can turn death into life?

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