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Georgia Estelle Vines
Georgia Estelle Vines

Echovita has created a sharing economy system that gives families more than ever before.

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The memorial belongs to the family of the deceased. That's why Echovita gives the profits to families who request it.

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Edit and add memories to the basic template available to you.

Benefit from profits

The profits come from the sales of flowers and candles made from your loved one’s memorial.

Receive the profits

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Choose a quality photo that represents the deceased for their main photo

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  • doctor’s proof of death
  • death certificate
  • attestation provided by your funeral organization

This assures us of your legitimacy to claim the profits

Claim the obituary of Georgia Estelle Vines

The obituary originally featured on Echovita only includes basic facts. If you are the official representative of the deceased, you can claim the obituary.

Advantages to claiming an obituary

Create a personalized obituary

Rather than sharing simply a standard death notice, create a personalized obituary of your loved one with custom texts, pictures and videos, which you can change and update as time passes by.

Start a fundraiser

Echovita offers other family members, friends, colleagues and acquaintances the opportunity to offer monetary donations to either help the grieving family with funeral costs or to allow them to give the funds collected to a charity.

Receive Echovita donations

When you create and share a certified Echovita obituary, family members and friends gain access to a variety of sympathy products they can purchase to show their condolences. For each purchase, Echovita offers a donation to the grieving family.

Steps to claim an obituary



Provide information regarding who you are and your relationship to the deceased. You will also be asked to confirm whether or not you want to receive donations.


Submit the death certificate

Upload a digital copy of the death certificate of your loved one.



Upon approval by the Echovita team, you are then considered the owner of the obituary. If you decided to accept donations, we will begin collecting them for you.