Mark J. Floyd Funeral Services

Mark J. Floyd Funeral Services

Located in Euroa, Victoria

107 Binney St, Euroa VIC

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Located in Euroa, Victoria

Mark J. Floyd Funeral Services has been operating in Euroa, Victoria since 1983. Carrying on the proud tradition of Service from Bamford's Funeral Services and R.L. Ferguson & Co. Mark & Katrina Floyd have built a business based on excellence in service, compassion, experience, dignity and dedication. Mark and Katrina's son Broderick joined them in 2009 after gaining a decade of industry experience in the Funeral Industry to continue the legacy of the family tradition.

Mark and Broderick ensure personalized attention to detail and assure our clients that they personally take care of all of the arrangements from start to finish. Mark J. Floyd Funeral Services uses the latest advances and knowledge in funeral care, combined with the best elements of traditional funeral tradition to assist you with any special personal touches that you may have.

Well versed in the particular rites, services and other requirements that the many different cultures, religions and belief structures that make up our community, Mark J. Floyd Funeral Services have the resources and facilities to accommodate all of your needs. Mark and Broderick also have a long history in providing quality funeral service to the bereaved in the Seymour Area and to the Murrundindi Shire.

Mark has successfully owned his Funeral Business and is one of the longest serving owner-operated Funeral Directors in Victoria. His son Broderick joined him full-time in 2009 after working for many years with Ian and Wayne whilst completing his University studies. The sale of Wayne's Alexandra-based business in 2004, and Ian"s passing and the sale of his business in 2009, the Bamford family"s link with professional and dignified funeral service to Seymour and Murrundindi areas were severed, Mark and Broderick hope to rebuild the renowned reputation and level of service, provided by 3 generations of our family since 1974.

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Mark J. Floyd Funeral Services Mark J. Floyd Funeral Services 107 Binney St, Euroa VIC (03) 5795 1086

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