Amity Rose Funeral Home

Amity Rose Funeral Home

Located in Mira Mar, Western Australia

9 Cockburn Rd, Mira Mar WA

Funeral service, Pre-arrangements, Grief support


Located in Mira Mar, Western Australia

Welcome to Amity Rose Funerals. We are a Funeral Home in Albany committed to serve you in a professional manner that, for the most, goes unnoticed so that on the Day of the Funeral the focus is on you and the one whose life you are remembering. As a close friend of the family of Denise Hall I had the opportunity to witness the service of Amity Rose Funerals from start to finish.

The Hall Family & myself cannot speak highly enough of Sandra & Chris, their impeccable presentation, gentle & caring manner & their "above & beyond" in assistance. Their invitation post funeral for the bereaved family to call in and have a chat & coffee anytime was a gesture I had not observed before. Thank You Amity Rose for your wonderful support & service.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Amity Rose Funerals for assisting us with our recent loss. The respect and care shown by staff helped during a difficult time. We felt that you quickly grasped our needs and wants and gained a strong sense of the person we were trying to both honour and grieve. We found the experience exceeded what we had envisaged during our converstaions.

We appreciated the convenience of your facilities which offers expansive parking, ease of access, and the capacity to cater for large groups in the chapel and afterwards for refreshments. We strongly recommend Amity Rose Funerals. You provided a sensitive, respectful, professional yet caring service that was exemplary, yet personal.

A fine balance, and one dearly appreciated. Sandra you helped us to make decisions which at the time were very difficult in an understanding and professional manner. The family at Amity Rose Funeral Home are kind, caring and very committed to ensure every detail ran smoothly, leading up to and on the day of the funeral. Their gentle, yet efficient support resulted in a beautiful tribute that highlighted my Grandmother"s life.

From the PowerPoint presentation to the scrumptious food that was served. You have such a professional touch, which no doubt comes from a God-given calling to serve and comfort those who are walking the very difficult journey of grief and loss. Thank you Amity Rose family from our family. We are forever grateful to have placed such a sacred ceremony into the hands of those who live out true compassion.

Albany is so very blessed to have genuine love and care in life"s most difficult moments.

Amity Rose Funeral Home Amity Rose Funeral Home 9 Cockburn Rd, Mira Mar WA +61 428 665 123