George Darte Funeral Home

George Darte Funeral Home

Located in St. Catharines, ON

585 Carlton St, St Catharines, ON

Burial service, Funeral service, Professional service, Cremation, After care, Pre-arrangements, Grief support, Transport, Limousine, Caskets & Vaults & Urns and more products, Flowers, Testimonials, Transfer of the deceased to the funeral home, Thanatopraxy, Death certificate, Administration support


Located in St. Catharines, ON

Our mission is to serve each family to the absolute best of our ability, along with their friends and to give to the good of our community in which we live and serve. We believe that our first responsibility is to each family that has honoured us to serve them and all others who use our service and products. Our products and services must always be of the highest quality.

We must constantly strive to reduce the cost of the delivery of these goods and services. Our families and the public must be promptly, efficiently and compassionately served. We must make a fair profit. They must have sense of security in their jobs. Wages must be fair and adequate, hours reasonable, working conditions clean and orderly.

Employees should have an organized system for suggestions and complaints. Supervisors must be qualified and fair-minded. There must be opportunity for advancement – for those qualified and each person must be considered an individual standing on his/her own dignity and merit. Supervisors must be persons of talent, education, experience and ability.

They must be persons of common sense and full understanding. We must be a good citizen – support good works and charity and bear our fair share of taxes. We must maintain in good order the property we are privileged to use. We must participate in promotion of civic improvement, health, education and good government, and acquaint the community with our activities.

New equipment must be purchased and renovations made. We must experiment with new ideas and develop new services. Absolute honesty, integrity and ethics in all aspects of business. To experience the sheer joy of heroic customer service that also benefits the general public. Continuous improvement, never being satisfied, being a pioneer, not following the others but doing the impossible, or not yet invented, via creativity, dreams and imagination, swimming upstream bucking unconventional wisdom.

Respecting and encouraging each individual staff member's ability, creativity, initiative, strengths and personal growth. We want to provide and environment of innovation and being on the leading edge of ideas and change. We are in business of preserving and improving human life!

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