Breckenridge-Ashcroft Funeral Home

Breckenridge-Ashcroft Funeral Home

Located in Owen Sound, ON

241 9th St W, Owen Sound, ON

Funeral service, Cremation, Pre-arrangements, Grief support, Flowers, Chapel


Located in Owen Sound, ON

Robert Breckenridge, father of R.A. Breckenridge came to Canada in 1860. A cabinet maker by trade, he naturally directed his attention to the furniture and undertaking businesses. In 1863 he opened R. Breckenridge & Son, his first and only retail business in Owen Sound at 833 Second Avenue East. The business prospered under his guidance and upon his death in May 1910, his son Mr. R.A. Breckenridge, assumed control.

In 1930 the business was divided and the furniture business was sold to Mr. John M. Thomson while the undertaking was carried on by R.A. Breckenridge. In May 1937 Mr. Harry Ashcroft of Kitchener assumed ownership and the management of the business. In 1942 Mr. Harry Ashcroft moved the funeral home to its present location at 241 Ninth Street West.

Over the years the funeral home was enlarged to meet the needs of the community, resulting in the very fine facility that exists today. When Mr. H.S. Ashcroft retired in 1965, his son Mr. Douglas Ashcroft who had worked with his father for several years, assumed management of the business. In 1987, in anticipation of his retirement and wishing the funeral home to continue with the same degree of professional excellence, Mr. Douglas Ashcroft selected the Newediuk family of Toronto, as the successors because of their family history in funeral service.

Mr. Ashcroft retired in 1989 and Mr. Reginald Robinson, who had worked at the funeral home for the previous seventeen years, was appointed Managing Director of Breckenridge-Ashcroft. With Reginald"s sudden passing in 2001, several managers have continued the tradition until 2010. Taylor Brown, owner and licenced funeral director, was raised in Barrie and enjoys many activities, from swimming to hockey.

Taylor began working in a funeral home during high school and quickly realized that helping families in this way is exactly what he wanted to do with his life. Taylor then attended Humber College, graduating from the Funeral Services Education Program in 1998. In the summer of 2008 Taylor"s son Taryn was born. After 12 years of working for large and small funeral homes, Taylor discovered Bruce County and all it had to offer his young family.

In August of 2009 Taylor purchased the W. Kent Milroy Funeral Homes in Port Elgin and Paisley. Taylor, and his son, Taryn are enjoying setting down roots in the area and becoming active members of this vibrant community. The Breckenridge-Ashcroft Funeral Home will continue to care for the Owen Sound community with new vision and an experienced, compassionate level of service.

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