Kinchen Funeral Home, Inc.

Kinchen Funeral Home, Inc.

Located in Lafayette, LA & Abbeville, LA

1011 N St Antoine St, Lafayette, LA

218 N St Valerie St, Abbeville, LA

Memorial service, Pre-arrangements, Grief support, Flowers


Located in Lafayette, LA & Abbeville, LA

Kinchen Funeral Home, Inc., was founded by Ernest Washington Kinchen Sr., Edna J. Kinchen and Mr. Lutrell Cox in Lafayette, LA, in the month of November 1938. The business was established at 210 Delord Street. By December 1941, Ernest and Edna acquired Cox's interest in the business and together continued its operation. Armed with a mission to provide the citizens of the Lafayette community with professional, sympathetic and expert service, Mr. and Mrs. Kinchen used the space on one side of their home for wakes and viewing and their embalming room was sectioned off from the garage.

As the business grew, they built a full service facility that included viewing, casket and embalming rooms. In the 1970s the facility was enlarged to approximately 3000 square feet and in 1987 the facility was remodeled. Also, in 1987 Ernest and Edna Kinchen incorporated the family business and were joined by their grandson, Eric M. Singleton, the second son of their daughter Dr. Enrica Kinchen Singleton and her husband Dr. Jimmie R. Singleton.

The Kinchens continued to manage the business until the death of Ernest W. Kinchen Sr. in 1991. Mrs. Kinchen remained active in the business until her death in November 2001. She was a licensed funeral director. In 1996, plans were made to expand the funeral home once more. Eleven acres of property, not far from the original site, were identified and purchased.

Approximately 3.4 acres were rezoned for the business. Construction began on the building in the spring of 2001 and this was completed in October 2002. The newly constructed building is 8000 square feet and contains an embalming room, casket room, office space, coffee and reception areas, and is surrounded by a spacious parking area.

It also contains two viewing rooms, each with a seating capacity for approximately 200 people. These rooms can be converted into one large room that can seat approximately 400 people. Each room has a speaker system and a podium for use with funeral services. The new location of Kinchen Funeral Home is 1011 North St. Antoine Street, Lafayette, LA.

The phone number is 337 235-1193. Kinchen Funeral Home, Inc. maintains its commitment to providing professional sympathetic, and expert services to the people of Lafayette and the surrounding communities. To further carry out this mission in November of 2011, we added a second location in Abbeville, LA, Kinchen Funeral Home CM Butler Chapel located at 218 N St Valarie St. 337 898-9595.

The building is approximately 4000 square feet has two viewing rooms and sits on about one acre of property. We offer traditional funeral services as well as direct and indirect cremation services. Our experienced staff can help the bereaved to plan a complete funeral service. We accept all current life insurance policies.

We also sell insurance and provide pre-need services. For additional information, please call us at 337 235-1193, or in Abbeville at 337 989-9595.

Kinchen Funeral Home, Inc. Kinchen Funeral Home, Inc. 1011 N St Antoine St, Lafayette, LA (337) 235-1193 Send flowers
Kinchen Funeral Home- Abbeville Kinchen Funeral Home- Abbeville 218 N St Valerie St, Abbeville, LA (337) 898-9595 Send flowers

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