Lockett-Williams Mortuary Inc

Lockett-Williams Mortuary Inc

Located in Gulfport, MS & Hattiesburg, MS

2018 31st Ave, Gulfport, MS

815 Country Club Rd, Hattiesburg, MS

Memorial service, Cremation, Pre-arrangements, Grief support, Flowers


Located in Gulfport, MS & Hattiesburg, MS

It was in 1948, that Mr. George W. Lockett"s vision of opening and operating a first-class mortuary in Gulfport, Mississippi became a reality. Mr. Lockett helped families through difficult times and thus a pattern of concern and care was put into place, which has continued throughout the years. The owners and staff of Lockett- Williams Mortuary, Inc. continues to take sincere pride in serving their families with the sensitivity and competence of dedicated professionals.

Because of this profound service, Lockett-Williams Mortuary, Inc. is one of Mississippi"s oldest and most respected funeral service providers. Mr. George W. Lockett served as owner and President of Lockett"s Mortuary until his death in December of 1983. Being very concerned about protecting the credibility and image that Lockett"s Mortuary had built across the country over its thirty-six year existence, Mr. Lockett"s heir, was very careful in selecting someone to whom she would sell the business.

It was in 1984 that Mr. Theodore R. Williams, Jr. and his wife, Rosemary, who are and were both outstanding and well known citizens of Gulfport, were personally approached by Mrs. Lillian Lockett, the wife and only heir of Mr. George W. Lockett, in regards to purchasing the business. Due to the Williams" credibility in the Gulf Coast community, as teachers in excess of twenty-years, as well as the fact that Mrs. Williams" family (Hayes Family Funeral Home) was deeply entrenched in the funeral service industry in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, the Williams were prime candidates to carry on the vision, mission and legacy started by George W. Lockett some thirty years prior.

For over 20 years, Theodore and Rose Williams have dedicated themselves to providing the highest quality of service. On October 29, 1994, fire destroyed the small business which was located in the nearby downtown Gulfport area. This left the Williams family as well as the community in a predicament. However, knowing that when "God closes one door He then opens another", Theodore and RoseMary decided to rebuild the funeral home and the next question was where?

After thought and consideration, they decided to purchase additional property directly across the street from the old location. The new 5,200 square foot building which is located on the corner of Thirty-first Avenue and Twenty-First Street is an asset as well as a facelift to the surrounding area. Just as the Williams" planned…a place that the community can be proud of.

Lockett-Williams Mortuary, Inc. supports local churches, the community, local schools, Little League Baseball teams, Career Days, Walk-A-Thons, Health Fairs, Pee-Wee Football Teams, Debutantes, and various other organizations that assist in the support of children, the elderly, and the community as a whole. Just prior to entering the 21st Century, Lockett-Williams Mortuary, Inc., had an addition to its management staff.

Theodore and Rose Williams" oldest daughter, Sonya, changed careers and enrolled in Mortuary Science School to assist her parents in the continuation of the proud, third generation, legacy of funeral service. Throughout the history of Lockett-Williams Mortuary, Inc., this funeral service provider has served a culturally diverse clientele.

In an effort to accommodate one"s needs, they have provided a culturally divergent staff as well as providing a wide range of quality services that can be tailored to meet the needs of the families and reflect the lives of their loved ones. Today, Lockett-Williams Mortuary, Inc. continues to strive providing quality, professional at-need, pre-need and post-need care to all families as well as the community as a whole.

Always keeping in mind that no one should have to sacrafice dignity for cost. Lockett-Williams Mortuary, Inc. has affordable funerals. Motto.

Lockett-Williams Mortuary, Inc. Lockett-Williams Mortuary, Inc. 2018 31st Ave, Gulfport, MS (228)863-7712 Send flowers
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